The 2022 Vidya Gaem Awards
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for Worst Gameplay
The input reading is more blatant than ever.
Elden Ring
Can't wait to cut off some limbs in this ga-
The Callisto Protocol
Striking Distance Studios
The game has co-op so at least you don't have to suffer alone.
Gotham Knights
WB Games Montréal
I'll tell you my dark secret, if you play these five minigames first!
Saints Row
The only new gameplay is the phone verification.
Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment
Don't kid yourself /vp/. Once 8 gyms, always 8 gyms.
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak
"Ok, now add in auto-lock and have him hover to the opponent when he hits the attack button. Then make sure he only does like 10 damage; we gotta stretch this fight out for 20 more minutes."
God of War Ragnarök
Santa Monica Studio
I fucking love drawing circles around enemies, it never gets old at all!!!
Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Team
"But there's so much you can do in this game!" Too bad none of it matters.
Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games
Most gear treadmill games have the sense to balance missions around the number and strength of the players. This one did not.
Babylon's Fall
The good gameplay is there. It's just locked behind several paywalls.
Diablo Immortal
Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase
A platformer where you don't need to do actual platforming. How riveting.
BlueTwelve Studio
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